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Print and Design Studio

At Saar, we focus on creative and quick design-based solutions for your print needs. We expertise in the beauty of different ideas, themes and cultures through textile prints. We also work with and understand other canvases like paper mediums, posters, packaging, ceramics and more. Our designs are inspired by the vibrant colours and intricate patterns of traditional and modern techniques from all over the world. We strive to create unique designs that are timeless, functional, and awestriking, perfect for adding a special touch to the surfaces. We also help with surface development such as providing embroidery decks. We provide versatile prints catered to your needs, customisable and of great quality. We aim help with innovative graphic design solutions to make your work stand out. Our vision is to convey stories with our prints to liven up the monotonous. We encourage nature-friendly practices and prefer to bring out the same with our work. Join us on our design journey and brighten up your collections with interesting stories.

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About Shambhavi


As a graduate in textile design at Fashion Institute of Technology, New York and National Institute of Fashion Technology in India, Shambhavi started her design journey as a way to explore different cultures and ideas. She appreciates how fashion and textiles give way to amalgamation of different expressions.She is a keen observer of techniques and avid about colours. Her main values are ‘authenticity’ and ‘adaptability’ which can be seen through her work. She is interested in different styles and textures and tries to bring out a varied range of prints catering to different audiences for both home textiles and apparel, done through hand and digital mediums. Storytelling is something that has always intrigued her and she tries to work with strong concepts and engaging research work around her creations. She loves to explore and learn through different experiences and is always eager to take up a challenge. She believes inspiration is all around her however she has a knack for looking into history, architecture and other design fields for her inspiration. Nature is another way for her to revive her creative flow. She values craftmanship and loves to learn about authentic Indian crafts and culture.

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The services currently offered by Saar prints:

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Custom Prints 

We provide custom print services from scratch starting with ideation till the samples are ready, both hand and digital.

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Provide assistance with separate tasks such as ideation, mood board, setting repeats and colorways.

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